*PLEASE NOTE: All Times are Eastern Time*

Technology & Risk Management

9:00 am Audience Discussion: Choosing the Right Digital Solution to Suit Your Risk Management Needs


This is your opportunity to benchmark best practices for purchasing risk management solutions. You will discuss with your fellow delegates how to prioritize which technology you purchase as a company. You will discuss what criteria should you use to choose one type of solution over another, whether you should conduct a cost benefit analysis before buying technology and how to review whether the software you purchase has increased the efficiency of your risk management process.

10:00 am Panel: Examining the Role of Technology in Enterprise Risk Management to Determine How It Could Benefit Your Firm


  • Hearing how technology is used in enterprise risk management to decide which projects to take on by considering which projects pose the most risk
  • Investigating how the digitalization of risk management is transforming enterprise risk management processes in order to discern what software your company needs in order to optimize its risk management methods
  • Understanding why software should support your risk management processes and not become your whole risk management process in order to avoid making common risk management mistakes


10:40 am Exploring the Relationship Between Risk & Cashflow to Understand the Benefits of Considering Cashflow When Designing Your Enterprise Risk Management Strategy

  • Marj Weber CFO & Treasurer, Irontree Construction


  • Cash is king: Hearing how a well thought out and executed risk management program is directly linked to cashflow and outlining what steps you need to take to incorporate cashflow into your business plan
  • Discovering operational tips & tricks in order to ensure you always have enough cash
  • Learning how certain contracts clauses can enhance your ability to keep cash in order to prepare for downturns and national/local emergencies.

11:20 am Using Loss Triangles to Project Financial Risk So That Your Firm Is Prepared to Tackle Future Claims

  • Kyrah Coker Vice President of Finance, National Roofing Partners


  • Explaining what loss triangles are to understand how you can utilize them to mitigate financial risk in house
  • Outlining how loss triangles & development factors can be used to predict what financial risks your company will face in the next year
  • Understanding what specific language your contracts need to include in order to mitigate predicted financial risk

12:00 pm Networking Break

Labor Risk

1:00 pm Investigating Why Creating a Culture Which Puts Safety First Is Vital for Minimizing Labor Risk

  • Sherice Rivas Senior Specialist – Insurance & Risk Management, Superior Construction Company


  • Hearing how putting staff safety at the heart of project delivery enables your company to effectively mitigate risks and ultimately save money
  • Learning how to create and implement a comprehensive safety training program in order to minimize the number of accidents which take place during construction
  • Discovering tips and tricks to effectively communicate safety procedures to a multilingual workforce to ensure all staff are always protected on site

1:40 pm Audience Discussion: Developing a Labor Strategy: How to Determine Your Resource Needs & Retain Your Best Staff in Difficult Times


You will discuss with your peers how to keep the right people for jobs in order to ensure your workforce have the skills required to complete projects to the highest standard even when cashflow is difficult. During uncertain times mistakes are often made during staff recruitment which compromise project quality & amplify risk – this discussion will allow you to investigate how you can refine your recruitment process to ensure you hire experienced, reliable staff who will deliver high quality projects every time.

2:00 pm End of Conference