This Meeting Has Been Cancelled

8:00 am Morning Briefing: Revealing the Reality on Construction Spending, New Starts, Inflation & Jobs (Pre-Recorded)


  • Exploring the multi-year trend in construction spending and new starts through the pandemic and the recovery for key markets such as residential and other buildings
  • Assessing the real inflation number for your job and the implications for volume and productivity across the construction sector
  • Projecting how new starts data can predict spending in the years to come and expectations for the overall health of construction in the near future

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

9:10 am Developing a Cohesive Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Program to Effectively Identify & Deal with Risks


  • Understanding how a cohesive enterprise-wide risk management program will create a better understanding of risk and limit communication issues
  • Gaining the buy-in from higher management to ensure you are on the same page and they understand why a cohesive risk management program will save your organization money
  • Developing a mechanism to identify emerging risks and establish an effective mitigation approach

9:50 am Audience Discussion: Creating an Enterprise-Wide Culture of Safety Leadership to Prioritize Safety & Minimize Claims


  • Gaining the buy-in from higher management to embed a culture that prioritizes safety in every aspect of your organization
  • Ensuring subcontractors are on board and adhere to these cultural expectations on all job-sites
  • Integrating safety considerations from the start of the planning process to avoid hazards before they occur

10:30 am
Morning Refreshments

11:00 am Hearing an Insurance Expert’s Perspective on Safety Culture & Risk Mitigation Best Practices


  • Understanding what procedures and policies insurers are looking for when inspecting a contractor and how the results can impact the price of insurance
  • Gap analysis: identifying the common hazards and risks that contractors should be looking for on a job site that can make a big difference to safety
  • Assessing how to gain the buy-in of executives and jobsite leaders and establishing a safety-first culture that can be implemented on every job

Insurance & Documentation

11:40 am Becoming Aware of Risk Creep in Your Backlog to Improve Your Financial Results


  • Understanding the downturn part of the cycle and risk creep
  • Measuring portfolio risk and understanding the many different causes of failure
  • Understanding common challenges and how to overcome them

12:20 pm Ensuring Staff Accountability & Robust Documentation During Hybrid Working to Reduce Risk of Claims


  • Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of government mandates versus compliance rules on different jobsites
  • Managing the expectation for documents to still require wet signatures during this digital age
  • Closing claims when you are missing face-to-face interaction

1:00 pm
Lunch Break

1:50 pm Bonding & Claims: Preparation & What to Look Out For When Procuring a Bond to Avoid a False Sense of Security

  • Adam Weaver Manager Senior – Project, Williams
  • John Hale Senior Principal Consultant, Certus LLC


  • Best practices on what to consider when setting up a bond
  • Exploring what to look out for when calling a completion bond
  • Avoiding a false sense of security when a project is covered by a completion bond

Cyber Security

2:30 pm Discussing Creative Approaches to Protect your Company from Cyber Security Breaches


  • Ensuring your employees understand how cyber-attacks work and what the consequences of different types of attacks can be
  • Training employees on how to be vigilant when working on important documents
    and information to ensure the right people have access to the right information
  • Finding creative ways to protect your company without paying a fortune for cyber security systems

3:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:20 pm End of Conference