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7:40 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Forecasting CashFlow & Demand

7:50 am Inflation vs. Downturn: Forecasting Overall Demand in Construction & the Impact on Your Firmwide Risk


  • Outlining expected demand for construction across major private and public markets for the foreseeable future
  • Projecting the supply chain and labor market: will supply lag behind, keep up with or overshoot demand in the coming quarters?
  • Assessing how you can position your business to take advantage of opportunity and growth while being prepared for any possible downturn in the market

8:30 am Understanding Enterprise Cash Flow Risk from Bid to Collection: Taking Measure to Ensure Your Company is Maximizing Cash Position

  • Tracy Machado Director of Finance Planning & Analysis, Primoris Services Corporation


  • Exploring how contract terms and customer relationships determine the longterm health of your company’s cash position, and ways to influence the outcome
  • Appreciating the importance of understanding and measuring the cash flow cycle from end-to-end
  • Incentivizing project managers, aligning rewards with their ability to improve the timeliness of billing, collecting, and receivables

9:10 am Assessing Stresses in the Supply Chain to Ensure Materials can be Procured & Projects Remain Viable


  • Assessing stresses in the supply chain, in real-time, to identify areas of potential failure
  • Developing a risk management strategy to address supply chain shortages in the long term
  • Establishing when and when not to commit to projects when material has not been procured yet

9:50 am
Morning Refreshments & Structured Networking

Mitigating Supply Chain Risks

10:30 am Plans & Processes to Improve Post Pandemic Supply Chain & Labor Challenges: Increasing Transparency & Communications Among All Stakeholders


  • Ensuring you don’t diversify by using different suppliers that get supplied by the same source
  • Discussing best practices on how to improve communication across projects to limit supply chain disruptions
  • Considering finding new methods and materials to use which might potentially be cheaper or more durable

Overcoming the Labor Shortage

11:10 am Leveraging Data Analytics to Attract Talent & Track Employee Engagement to Reduce People Risk


  • Reviewing tools available to track engagement of your people and dig deeper into what motivates people to join and stay in your team
  • Exploring the potential for hiring staff from other industries that have relevant experience and transferable skills
  • Using your people insights to review the risks of your subcontractor partners and the wider construction industry

11:50 am
Networking Lunch

12:50 pm Managing the Risks of a Highly Active Labor Market: Ensuring You’re Disciplined in Hiring the Right Quality & Being Flexible to Retain Top Talent


  • Recognizing the risk of offering jobs and promotions to people too early in their careers: it may solve the short-term problem but deliver poor results later
  • Assessing ways to stay disciplined in your hiring process such as clarity on the needs of the role and expected experience level
  • Offering better work-life balance and being flexible to retain your existing talent and reduce the pressure on your hiring

1:30 pm The Uncertainty of Continued Operations with a Remote Workforce

  • Jason Fanning Director Enterprise Risk Management, Black & Veatch


  • The risk of responding to business needs while deploying a remote workforce
  • Engaging a remote workforce during a time of uncertainty
  • Leveraging technology to enable a remote workforce

2:10 pm
Afternoon Refreshments

Reducing Subcontractor Risks

2:40 pm Discovering Options to Recruit and Entice the Next Generation of Workers to Limit Labour Shortage Risks in the Near Future

  • Kyrah Coker Chief Financial Officer, National Roofing Partners


  • Refining the offer to staff including hybrid/remote working, social committees and other benefits to attract talent across the firm
  • Exploring how to start connecting with local high schools and community colleges to set up partnership programs and introduce young people to the opportunities in construction
  • Understanding why young people are less attracted to construction compared to past generations and what we can do collectively to shift the appetite for careers on job sites

3:20 pm Discussing Insurance Options for Subcontractors to Increase Coverage Whilst Limiting Costs

  • Ron Adams Vice-President Risk Management, Baker Roofing Company


  • Discovering creative approaches to subcontractor’s insurance policies that can provide real coverage despite a high deductible
  • Exploring whether using a master builder’s risk policy will be beneficial for your company
  • Understanding the basics of captives and the different structures they can have and what captive structure will be best for your organization

4:00 pm Reviewing Alternative Methods for Prequalifying Subcontractors & Understanding the Implications for Your Insurance

  • Amy Hewis Pre Construction Coordinator, The Austin Company


  • Assessing the value of online centralized prequalification platforms versus manually sending paperwork to the subcontractor
  • Revealing the subcontractor’s pros and cons of each method: what do they prefer and why?
  • Exploring the criticality of prequalification and how they can make or break a subcontractor’s proposal on bid day

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:50 pm End of Day One