*PLEASE NOTE: All Times are Eastern Time*

9:00 am Networking

Mitigating Risks for Your Business Post Coronavirus

10:00 am Investigating How Coronavirus Has Impacted the Construction Industry to Understand How to Optimize Enterprise Risk Management Post Coronavirus

  • John Blakey General Manager, SVP, DoD Construction, Lendlease


  • Discovering which markets are most at risk in order to understand what the demand for construction will look like in the coming year
  • Revealing how to conduct effective analytical reviews to accurately quantify & qualify the significance of different types of risk post coronavirus
  • Hearing how to strategically mitigate coronavirus related risks to minimize disruption & manage costs across the entire firm

10:50 am Panel: Identifying Common Challenges All Construction Firms Face in the Wake of COVID-19 in Order to Set Clear Goals for Your Business’ COVID-19 Recovery


  • Exploring what functional & financial challenges have arisen due to the impacts of the coronavirus: were these issues preventable?
  • Hearing what strategies general contractors are employing to cope with these challenges in order to understand what methods you can use to reduce risk at your own company
  • Setting strong objectives and milestones to determine your functional & financial recovery for the coming year
    – what does good look like?

Update on the Economy

11:30 am Extended Session on Exactly How the National Economy Changed in the Wake of COVID-19 & How Will This Influence the Construction Industry

  • Ed Zarenski Economics Analyst, Construction Analytics


  • Reviewing the state of national economy to identify the important trends you should be aware of as a construction professional
  • Discovering which markets are most at risk in order to understand what the demand for construction will look like in the coming year
  • Forecasting economic projections for key industries (hospitality, commercial, retail, healthcare) in order to assess which projects to pursue in your business plan

12:30 pm Setting Strategic Goals to Ensure Business Recovery Despite Economic Uncertainty


  • Identifying what primary financial risks exist in order to outline what action you need to take to guarantee strength & survival during this period of economic instability
  • Discovering how to monitor key risk areas to proactively protect your own firm
  • Hearing how best to utilize this period of economic uncertainty to project future financial risk so you can take a proactive approach to mitigate them

1:10 pm Networking Break & Audience Discussion: Understanding How to Develop a Detailed Contingency Plan to Ensure Your Business Is Prepared for a Variety of Different Risks


You will discuss with your peers whether, in hindsight, your company’s business plan was comprehensive enough to withstand the effects of the coronavirus. You’ll then debate what the key features of a good contingency plan are with other members of your table so that you can create a detailed future contingency plan which fortifies your business’ capacity to minimize & mitigate risk.

Claims & Insurance

2:10 pm Exploring the Impacts of the Coronavirus on Claims Mitigation & Management to Understand What Claims Will Become More Significant in a Post COVID-19 World


This session will tell you what you need to know about delay claims and force majeure. The speaker will guide you through best practices for claims mitigation and management including investigating what language your contracts should include to avoid/minimize claims, how to prepare a claim which maximizes your probability of recovery and outlining how to integrate claims into your overall risk management program.

2:50 pm Deep Dive Into Insurance: What Do You Need to Consider When Purchasing Insurance & How Should You Incorporate Insurance Into Your Contracts


This session will analyze the benefits & drawbacks of builder’s risk, subcontractor default insurance, captive insurance & contractor-controlled insurance, workers compensation and labor law so that you have the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on which forms of insurance you need to purchase. You will also hear best practices for contractor-client collaboration when writing and executing contracts to ensure you minimize chances of paying fines.

3:30 pm Networking Break & Audience Discussion: Investigating the Latest Insurance Trends to Understand What Changes Will Affect Construction Firms Across the Next Year


Staying up to date with current insurance trends is critical for risk professionals. This audience discussion will allow you to explore the latest trends in insurance, bonding & federal account reporting through structured conversation with your peers so that you can clearly understand how these changes will impact your insurance schemes and cost projection methods for the upcoming year. The discussion will be followed by a short Q&A.

Utilizing IT & Data for Enterprise Risk Management

4:30 pm Explaining How to Test Your IT Systems to Assess Whether Your Business Can Operate Smoothly When Working Remotely


  • Outlining how to evaluate the capacity of your computer systems to function if your entire workforce must work remotely in order to discern what works well and what needs to be improved
  • Explaining what steps you should take ensure your firm secures enough bandwidth to maintain maximum functionality when your employees are working from home
  • Discovering what technological solutions exist to support your IT systems in order to minimize disruption in the event of an emergency

5:10 pm Investigating the Role of Bias in Decision Making & Discovering How to Use Data to Minimize the Risk of Bias Impacting Your Project Risk Management Decisions

  • John Hale Principal, Certus Energy Consultants


  • Recognizing how bias intrinsically influences all decisions and hearing what techniques you can use to minimize the role bias plays in future risk management decisions
  • Understanding how reducing bias in the decisions made by all parts of the project team, from project manager to subcontractor, increase the likelihood of completing projects on schedule and on budget
  • Hearing why basing decisions on data is key to effective enterprise risk management and understanding what data analysis methods you should use to curtail bias and optimize risk management practices at your firm

5:50 pm Networking

6:30 pm End of Day One