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If you want to attend a meeting dedicated to addressing the current pressing macro level risks the construction industry faces that is delivered by the industry and not sponsors, you need to register for the Advancing Construction Enterprise Risk Management Summit now!

This event was designed with the direct input and feedback of insurance, risk and finance construction decision makers to ensure a productive meeting with the right learning points. This meeting will give you the opportunity to:

  1. Proactively prepare for the oncoming economic downturn by educating you on the timing and severity of the looming recession
  2. Hear what can be done ahead of the “bad times” to safeguard the firm against the change in the economy; diversifying portfolios, evaluating customer bases
  3. Listen to case studies on how to prevent damaging subcontractor defaults mid-project through thorough pre-qualification processes
  4. Ensure the safety of a project through robust owner financing and managing owner risk distribution
  5. Mitigate the rising cost of insurance, respond to insurance trends and enhance the visibility of your insurance coverage within the firm
  6. Safeguard your firm through robust contract review processes to identify indemnity risks and insurance requirements

For the full exciting list of sessions from 2019, download the 2019 brochure here.

Reasons why you should attend:

1 - Networking
2 - speaker
3 - Presentations
4 - Insightful

Contractor Led Meeting

Dozens of experienced professionals were consulted before the event agenda was developed, ensuring that every presentation is focused on genuine challenges and concerns the industry faces. Our presenters and attendees are insurance, finance and risk construction industry leaders that are coming to share their experiences and lessons learned on how they safeguard their own firms from the macro-level risks that threaten survival and growth. Contractors will lead and dominate the meeting.

Insight from Economics Experts

Hear from Chief Economist Dr. Bernie Markstein and Ed Zarkenski on where we are in the current economic cycle and predictions on when and how severe the next economic slowdown/ recession will be. Dr Markstein has been quoted or appeared on Bloomberg business, CNBC, Fox Business, Nightly Business Report, New York Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and more.

Focused Workshops

To compliment this meeting you have the opportunity to attend an additional pre-conference workshop delivered by Mortenson, Walsh Group & Construction Progress Coalition. This is your opportunity to receive detailed insight into the role of finance and risk in technology selection and adoption. You will also learn how to reduce risk and costs by effectively influencing project teams to execute safety, scheduling and quality excellence.

Intimate & Insightful

This niche, highly targeted conference will provide structured networking opportunities; you’ll have deeper conversations with the people that matter and share the same concerns and responsibilities as you. You’ll leave the event not only with actionable knowledge, but with new contacts to work with and rely on for sharing ideas and judgements.