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Mitigating Firmwide Risks Including Supply Chain Disruption,
Subcontractor Default, Workers Compensation, & Cash Flow

Designed for Finance, Risk & Insurance Construction Professionals 

Contractors and subcontractors are facing an unprecedented mix of pressures that threaten financial predictability and project schedules across their organization. The pandemic has worsened the labor crisis and supply chains are tighter than ever. These risks require an enterprise-wide approach to ensure all areas of risks are covered and nothing goes undetected.  

The pandemic has also forced the construction industry to digitalize at a much faster pace making inspections take place remotely, hindering worker accountability. It is also more important than ever to stay on top of insurance claims. At Advancing Construction Enterprise Risk Management you will learn how to implement a cohesive enterprise-wide risk management program and effectively identify and deal with all of these risks.

Highlights for the 2022 conference include:

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Ensuring Staff Accountability & Robust Documentation During Hybrid Working to Reduce Risk of Claims  

Inflation vs. Downturn: Forecasting Overall Demand in Construction & the Impact on Your Firmwide Risk 

Developing a Cohesive Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Program and Effectively Identify & Deal with Risks